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the Documentum Terrorist

One of the more remarkable and breath-taking thoughts is everything the average Documentum consultant comes up with. Where you look is irrelevant; review a couple of Documentum systems and you will inevitably – and I speak from experience – end up staring down a bottomless well of abnormal designs that spans from strange, bizarre, curious … Continue reading

the Idiot

Most people share the assumption that anyone who doesn’t “get it” is a stupid moron. I for one have never believed in that theory. Most definitely not. I mean, how many idiots can there be? I find it more likely that people simply disagree, that they have a somewhat different view on the matter in … Continue reading

the Genius

“It is a fraud to borrow what we are unable to pay.” -Publilius Syrus Jetsucka is the brightest of them all. Sure, I used to be a member of the large group who had doubts, wondered if it could really be true, that Jetsucka was a genius. So far, no one has actually been able … Continue reading